CAIO Motorcoaches

Alliance Bus Group is the exclusive distributor of CAIO motorcoaches in North America. CAIO, an ISO 9001-2000 certified company founded in 1946, is the largest full-line bus manufacturer in the Western Hemisphere.  Employing more than 4,000 employees in a 1.33 million sq ft production facility located on 148 acres, CAIO produces 9,000 units annually.

It's a rare thing when two exceptional strengths come together. Yet that is exactly what has happened at Alliance Bus Group, where reliability and outstanding customer service have joined forces to create an exceptional customer experience!

CAIO Motorcoach with pass through luggage

CAIO G3400

The CAIO G3400 is an attractive mid-size rear engine motorcoach that offers full-size coach features, complete with high-end styling and the most spacious underfloor luggage compartments in the mid-size class. As the mid-size option, the G3400 measures 36.7 feet long and 11 feet, 7 inches high. The 102" wide body is equal to full-size coaches and the same ergonomics and seating comfort can be expected.

CAIO G3600

The CAIO G3600 boasts every feature expected in a full-size luxury motorcoach, including air ride suspension, traction control and an impressive 477 cubic feet of luggage area. Offering the standard American dimensions for full-size coaches, the CAIO G3600 measures 45' long, 102" wide and has a height of 12.5'.

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