Bus Training and Continuing Education

Alliance Bus Group is “Along For The Whole Ride,” a philosophy that includes helping our customers continue to grow with ongoing bus training and education. In addition to participating in a number of nationwide and regional events, we also hold training classes throughout the year.

As an Alliance Bus Group customer, you’ll have access to regular seminars at our Atlanta, New Orleans, and Jackson facilities. This includes a lunch for potential bus drivers, a classroom course, and the chance to test drive a broad variety of bus makes and models.

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

Every year, Alliance Bus Group provides complimentary preparatory training for customers interested in obtaining a Commercial Driver's License certificate (CDL). Whether you’re thinking about purchasing a new or used bus to carry more than 15 passengers, this CDL class was created with you in mind.

Maintenance Training Class

In addition to our regular events, we also provide customers with Maintenance Training Classes throughout the year. Our staff is happy to teach owners, operators, drivers, and technicians about maintenance best practices and other key issues that come with owning a bus.

These bus training classes are often hosted by factory representatives and offer a detailed look at routine bus maintenance, wheelchair lifts, air conditioning, braking systems, specialty vehicles, and more.

For customers or future customers, find out when our next classes begin. Email info@alliancebusgroup.com.