Buying The Allstar XL

The Allstar XL: Even More Of The Same Great Bus

With an unshakeable emphasis on passenger comfort and safety, the Allstar XL treats both you and your customers like kings. This particular bus provides extra shoulder space, a spacious interior designed to maximize passenger room, and even an expanded driver's area. This bus has great potential for charter businesses especially since comfort is key for longer journeys. Whether you’re still narrowing down your options or you’re ready to buy, feel free to give us a call.

The Allstar XL Offers:

  • A Flat Floor To Avoid Wheel Wells Getting In Your Passengers’ Way
  • Fully-Welded Steel Cage Construction
  • Adjustable Floor Plans For Wheelchair Tracks And Railings
  • Fiberglass Sidewalls
  • Non-Retractable Seatbelts

Detailed Allstar XL Information:

Brochure - Ford Chassis
Brochure - International TC Chassis
Brochure - International UC Chassis

Featured Inventory:

2018 Starcraft Allstar XL

Stock #160758

Special Price:
Bus Type: Mid Size
Body Style:
32 + Driver
Fuel Type:
Orlando, FL

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  • Testimonials - Animal Rescue

    It’s odd how things happen. Having our hearts set on a different bus, and waiting for the grant to get approved and then finding that bus was sold……all that angst brought us to you - someone who taught us so much more than anyone took the time to – or even tried.  When I sell my software to prospects, I tell them “every accounting software will ultimately do what you need done – the real trick is finding the right person to buy it from, who can get you there.  This is all I do and I’m the best resource to make this work in your business.  Focus on who can get you there and your long term happiness with any product is assured.”  This, for us is true about you. We were talking the other day and realized we’ve never even driven this bus; but we trusted you completely.  We’ve put you and the sweet souls we will carry in your hands, and we completely trust our decision – never having turned the ignition.  Thank you for helping us and the animals we save…

    Bettye / Executive Director

  • Testimonials - Limo Transportation

    For the first time in 12 years of buying over 50 buses & limos including brand new buses I am happy to report that the used bus you sold me did not need ANY repairs. You were correct. I have never found a bus to be DOT ready. Not even a brand new one. Never.
    Thanks for a great product.
    I will reach out to you the next time around I need another unit.
    Thank you,

    Mike / Owner

  • Testimonials - First Christian Church

    What a pleasant sales process we recently experienced with your company. Without a doubt, the most painless major purchasing process I have ever experienced. I would like you to know that each contact I had with associates of Alliance Bus Group was positive, professional, courteous and extremely efficient. I cannot say enough nice things about the entire experience and please pass along my extreme gratitude for a Job Well Done!

    Keith / Pastor

  • Testimonials - Lutheran Church

    I would like you to know how happy we are with the service of Laurie. She understood the situation with this small congregation; her pleasant personality made sure that every need for the bus was taken care of and did not build up the charges. She developed in us a trust in her and her genuine concern for us.

    Harold / Pastor